A women's weakness

One of my previous college friend, Idora asked me if I wanted to go to Bicester Village with her. For those who is unfamiliar, this Village isn't any village. It was a designer's village for Dior, Fendi, Vivienne Westwood and many more. It's a heaven on earth for a shopaholics like Rebecca Bloomwood, especially when the seasons is really here, they could offer a discount of up to 70% of designer's brand. Wowwee I know. While Idora intention was to buy a thing or two for her wedding gifts this coming June, me, on the other hand was being a dear to her and technically was just accompanying her to find her stuffs. Well, atleast that was what I told Fairuz and since his plan for the saturday was playing football with his mates, I might as well go out too. 

So on saturday off we went. Excitedly, took a 1 hour train journey from Marylbone to Biscester. The journey can't get any longer physcologically. 

Notice the man in the picture? I'm sure he purposely looked into the camera to make sure his picture was captured. He was reading when I took this. And I was feeling all springy that I wore a bright yellow mac.

This is Idora. And she's getting married. Damn I could sleep in the train. Surely was a tiring day.

Have you ever experienced something like when you go into a designer's shop or any shops for that matter and suddenly (more like accidently) you caught your eyes on one of the shop item. And you have the urge to own that item and your heart is screaming "I want that! I want that! I don't care I want that!"? And sadly when you came close to the price tag you realized that it can actually covered your 5 months of rent. Bloody.

It was the last shop that we entered. It wasn't intentionally, but it was for the sake of looking around and wasting our time before our shuttle is here to pick us up. If it was for shopping purposes I would never have entered it. But there I was, going into Timberland and suddenly I saw this

Simply because I love the color (girls doesn't always make sense). And man it's not even winter and hiking was the last thing on my mind but yet I want it. To supress the guiltiness I told myself "I can wear this to school, it's not a crime". The good news is it doesn't cover my 5 months rent. It's cheap and oh the colour. I know the moment if I buy it Fairuz would ask "why did you buy this? When are you going to wear it?" and other million questions that I could never answered intelligently. I have to find a way to distract him. So I bought a second pair. Now I'm definitely digging my own grave. But it turn out I was brilliant. I did bought 2 pair of shoes from timberland. But the second pair?

Was for him

The trick works! Man I'm good. 


reena said...

I got a pink Timberland too! Bought 9 years ago and babe, of coz u can wear that to school! I selambe je buat pakai pi shopping complex, hang out with friends & even to gigs/concert. Kat Malaysia plak tu. Hehe. Ok now i miss my pink Timberland dah..Heh.

Anne Repeater said...

pink shoes is nice. i have a pair of them. i wear it to class and people stare at my shoes, but who cares, i think they just jealous. haha :)hana pandai ambk hati suami lah.. cute je...

Hidayah Shafiruz said...

Bestnyer hana!! Lain kali hana pegi sana bgtau arr..boleh pesan..hiii..

yanie said...

wah shopping sakan nampak :)

tgh murah ke?

The Queen Bee said...

i teringin lah nak shop kat bicester!! iskk... what else yeh yg best kat london? i nak shoppinggggg

The Queen Bee said...

i teringin lah nak shop kat bicester!! iskk... what else yeh yg best kat london? i nak shoppinggggg