I'm on A Diet

Last month when my bank account had gone dry, I've realized I had over spent a few hundreds of quid on shopping which obviously Fairuz thinks I didn't need it. I argued the differ, saying that I haven't been shopping for some time and since spring is here I might as well find something colourful to colour my depressed winter life. So he gave in. But even if he didn't, he knows I still managed to dump one or two in ASOS online basket. Ahhh....Online shopping these days are more evil than the devil.

A few couple of days later I had a meeting at Malaysian hall so I had to go to Bayswater. Bayswater for those who isn't familiar, is a place where we Malaysian in UK call 'Kampung Malaysia' here in London. Although there's muslim shops everywhere and also oriental shops where you can buy raw kuew tiow for cooking, it's a bit expensive. Another thing about Bayswater is that, they're also a lot of street advertisers trying to make a couple of bucks from giving flyers to passerby.

So I arrived in bayswater at around 2.30pm Friday and came out of the underground tube. The weather was damn cold I swear I thought it's going to be winter all over again. Nobody would want to stand in the weather for more than 2 minutes I'm sure. So when I was at the entrance of the tube, there he was. The same street advertiser I saw a couple of days back giving out 'Spa and Thailand Massage' in Bayswater. He was like any other flyer giver and I think he's sort of looks like a Bangladeshi. But what interest me about him is that he is so devoted with his work. It's like this work really depend on his day to day supply of food and a roof to keep warm. Despite the cold weather he had a layer of light jacket on and a faded sling back that looks like it had been worn for 10 years. I thought it's where he kept the flyers.

Looking at him, it feel like there's a lump in my throat. A sympathy grew in me. I always had a heart for hard working man on a the street. I remembered what Fairuz had told me

"Don't spent on things on something you don't need or maybe after one time, won't wear it anymore. And spent on something expensive where you can buy a cheaper one. Be grateful that some people had to work really hard to get a simple food. We are really lucky" He sounded like my dad already. I think god purposely made me married to him.

When I got back almost immediately, although not quite, I said to Fairuz to prevent me from shopping impulsively. Please remind me that everytime if I try to spend. This time I need to be grateful (it's the guilt). I need to save more for the rainy days.

Today I promise will go on a diet. Not just any diet. A SHOPPING diet.

Then a few days later I click 'purchase' in ASOS website. Sheeshh..

Ok. I promise I am on a diet starting now.

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Anne Repeater said...

good for you hana..