Artsy Fatsy by Zaha Hadid.

Achtung...Haha...This Entry Was SUPPOSE to bE 2 Weeks Ago..sorry
us at the tube station towards london bridge

After the cookiey and hulla hoop session, we (aliaa, yameen, me, hadi n jeff) when to the design museum neaR tOweR bRidge for"teman"ing aliaa the "Interior Designer Becoming"(pray for her okEhh!!)..(and Pray for my LittLe MonstEr aTeQ too foR "the BesT Architect" To Be)..hehehe... we went for Zaha Hadid architectures work cost us 4pounds for jadi student kt london ni..banyak was ecstatic..Artsy fatsy the best!!! (so why did i took engineering again???) owh well..i'm screwed..haha tkpe2 teruskan perjuangan...perjuangan masih belom selesai keh hana!!!
tower bridge nightshot (near my apartment hehe)
Aliaa saying thank you..bye2 with the tower bridge..before entering the museum we decided to become touristsss by snapping alot of pictures of the retarded us(except me of course)..this tower bridge is actually near my apartment but i've never visit this place during night walaupun dh 2 bulan lebih dekat was sooooo exotic..cantik2..
as we were taking jumping snapshot...ade plak orang tourist lain sebok ikut..haha
the BrainStormIng by ZaHa HadiD...ini macam lukisan kami kalau boring dalam kelas..does that consider arts???
Last minutes sanpshot before the museum close
this is actually the coolest wallpaper ever
Arts include Fashion n a model wannabe..tapi tk cukup tinggi daaa...

Barbie's Models snap by ME

Zaha HadiD Couch Invention...She does invent some other things rather than just buildings.. Guys!! do google Zaha Hadid and check her out...u'll be Amazed..Especially to Google Her okehhh

What the Hell is This?? Can anybody tell Me??

Me with Zaha's Painting....

PreSentinG ZAHA HADID "ArchItecTurE and DeSiGn"...(jeff kata ni cahaya keimanan...hahaha)


Jeff said...

cahaya keimanan? apa la nak jadi manusia zaman sekarang ni..hehe

naeli said...

jish, diowang patut censored pekataan "ateq" tu..... !#$##%&@!!! thanx, I know her, dye middle east.

hanafedora said...

cahaya penuh keimanan tu jeff...kene slalu gi sana tuk dapat cahaya..luckily i didnt put up ur "bershukur" pic..hahaha

naeli said...

jish, diowang patut censored pekataan "ateq" tu..... !#$##%&@!!! thanx, I know her, dye middle east.