There's a reason why I want to continue my studies up to PhD level.

Every time when I blurted out to people that I'm going to do my PhD in January 2009 at Imperial College, a college where professionals consider Harvard for engineering, they always have a reaction non other than "You're so hardworking..I would be too lazy to study anymore, I want to earn, to feel my own money with my hands first" . Usually I wouldn't bother myself replying with a long explainable answer. And I've never really sat down at one corner thinking what in the world could possibly possessed me to think that this was a good idea? But I definitely know why.

My friends kept on asking me what am I doing now whilst most of my peers are busy securing their jobs or even better earning cash buying designers handbags and shoes with their own sweats! While me? I'm still filling up any application I bumped into with a status of a student. Not a professional, not even an engineer. Deep down I know. That's Ok!

Once I was talking to a guy with a dependent passport who's wife is studying in London. I told him that I want to be one of the 5 professional, alongside architectures, lawyers, doctors and accountants. He said that is a typical Malay. A typical Malay parents would want their children to be in my position. I told him that this is not because I know one day my Dr title that I'll work my freaking ass off will pay off when I'm older and maturer and experience-wise.

Some people felt that I tried to keep things easy. Simplified my life studying ever like forever as if I am too lazy to find a decent job with my decent degree. But let me tell you this, I'm not ending my continuous long life learning after the title. Even with a PhD I know I still have a long way to go, knowledge to be discover, experience to be improvise. Until one day God says I should rest in peace. PhD does not mean I have every knowledge in the world with me. It is just a benchmark for people to recognize me, to respect me, to acknowledge me. I know I'm taking a baby step. Doing PhD while others already have a working experience for 5 years. Doing research that I won't be using it when I'm working. But it does not matter because it is still a knowledge. I'm putting my life as a continuous long life learning.

Nobody said that PhD is going to be easy. I am doing this because I want to challenged myself. To make things keep on moving. To see to what extend I can push myself. Cliche isn't it?

Everybody have their own way of being different. Have their own idea of how they want their life to be patterned. It's not easy but I know I want to achieve mine. I know you will do to.


sofia zarith said...

hana memang selalu kene berdiri atas kerusi mase kecik2 dulu,

in fact,atas meja pon ade,kan?hahaha

whatever it is,BEST OF LUCK!!

again,i AM proud of you~;)

Faiza said...

Hana...I was totally AGREE with you!!!...dont bother what others people said...just doit what we think is the best in our life and of course different with others people...ada apa dengan umur kan??...its just a number!!..enough said...enthusiasme,hardworking,focus to our mission and objective are more2 important...same with my situation...others people keep on asking and arguing why must I wanna pursue my Master in UK...dah ada Degree and ada kerja yg baik,why you must left them out...I really didnt care what they said...for me,I know much2 better my life mission and objective...I know what I'm doing...thats why I'm in UK Hana,just proceed with ur mission,k...I wish you good luck and all the best in ur coming PhD at Imperial College London...I'm sooo proud of you my dear!!! that,I can see you in London...yeayyyy!!!...sebabnya 12/11 ni I datang London,you takde,definately,I'll come to London again to meet you hana...:-) kuatkan semangat hana!!!...

Looking forward to see you in London soon, take care hana...:-)

from Preston,Lancashire:

Faiza said...

hai hana...

hana,you can come to preston,whenever you want!!!...of course you can tumpang my place...hehe...take care hana!!!...:-)

ein said...

did somebody piss u off? well anyway, good luck in life. Its good that u already know what u wanted. Most people are still searching for it.

shahnlia said...

ye la pedo...
buat je ape yg pedo rase terbaik utk pedo...
tp jgn la marah pada org lain yg memberi idea kerana ape yg diorg ckp tu ade btolnye...
kalau kite ade PhD tp takde experience pon susah...
sebab ape yg kite blaja tak byk yg akan kite gune mase kite kerja nnt...
tp tu hanye my opinion...
after all, it's all depends on u...
gud luck sis...
make ur parents proud of u...

Hanafedora said...


haha no la ein..nobody piss me..


liyana, i'm not mad at anybody..this is just a tot that i felt writing up.

Jeff Johari said...

hahahahahhahaha.....PLEASE BOTHER WHAT IM SAYING! Takyah belajar belajar...Lepak sudeeeh....:P

ein said...

Well, ilmu is ilmu. It doesnt matter if u akan guna atau tidak mase kerja nanti. that shouldnt be the mentality. :) *rase mcm bagi ceramah pulak*

LeLs said...

so proud of you lah...!!

PhD maa..

keep going k and very best of luck..!!!


Aki said...

Haha all the best with your PhD then!

I know I am GONE after my degree. No more papers, I'll freakin kill myself if I have to enroll in another formal academic organisation (Comics excluded ;p)

Coz we're that different! =D

Ei, your sister is arriving at my place tonight at 9pm. That's another 2 hours 9 minutes.

alya said...
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f_iruz19 said...

dont give up, you make me proud with your phd.. perhaps one day i will join you too! ;)

ainisya said...

hahaha..Gambate Pedo!!sedangkan gunung kinabalu tu ko bole nek..apetah lg PHD yg just dok umh bkak buku jer~goyang2 kaki~pastu bole g jln2 some more~so relax ok!!
lantak la ape org nk ckp..yg penting ko mmg hebat dowh~~giler2 jeles ok ngan ko~~
bkn smua org akan dpt peluang cam ko so hargai ok~~
dont be so doggy wif other people~~hahahaha..btl ke penggunaan aku..lantak~~i know u know what i mean~~hahaha gelak lg..

ainisya said...

this is what we called 'SELF SATISFACTION'...haiya~~

wanaimran said...

"It is just a benchmark for people to recognize me, to respect me, to acknowledge me."

That's an excellent way of putting way, dear :-)

nur said...

hana...welcome to the club!i da tulis the truth bout doin phd, but x sampai ati lak nk post.anyway, it is hard but i know somehow we can do it.hard work n of luck ;) so berholiday la puas2 k.c u soon in london.

The Queen Bee said...

Pedo i am so proud of youuu!! at the age of 25 ( next year), u dah buat degree. I am so envy with u! IF i were u pun, ada peluang nak sambung, mmg i nak punya.

You're still young. So sementara muda ni banyak benda we can do. You go gurl!!

Actually i was inspired by u to continue studies.

I pun tengah nak apply study nih. wish me luckk!

Hanafedora said...

oi oi jangan la kantoikan zaman2 kanak2 dolu..haha


Ko memang la ckp camtu sebab ko malas belajar..suka masak jeee..haha ko kan chef berjaya..


Yeah we r deff..I can't draw like u do..

I love you..(haha random)

Kamu yg daku syg..nnti kita panjat lagi la..tunggu aku work out sikittt... ish ish jangan guna doggy kt sini..haha ko ni doggy la..

Wan Aimran,
Thanks kamu!

You tulis apeee?? I nk bace laa.. Tk lama lagi I'll be joining ur PhD club..Tapi u lagi hebat..U bangun kul 4 pagi tuk pergi kerja kt Sainsbury dlu then gi kerja..Tabik la..

Glad that I inspired you dear.
Meh meh join la kita kt sini..Best2..Kita masih muda..woohuu..Tapi u lagi hebat..Muda2 dh ada hariz..I envy jugakkk!!

Mahirah Kamaludin said...

"You're so hardworking..I would be too lazy to study anymore, I want to earn, to feel my own money with my hands first" .

Same goes to me la sayang...we're 25, we're married and we're doing phd. What's more? research? It's mix together ;D