Routiness Making Me Insane

I really do feel bored now that my life have become too routine. Someone once said to me maybe because we didn't have any kids yet. Well maybe..but I have to beg the differ. Things got serious on me and work have pilled up since winter started. The cold weather isn't helping either and the sound of a ticking clock can persuade me to strangle myself everytime. Don't get wrong. I love having a job. It's the routiness thats making me insane.

When I've realized I'm being depressed is the reason being with my lifestyle. I've decided to set some simple new law in our house. I know it sounded bossy. But believe me it is for the good of our family lifestyle. hik hik hik (ikut bunyi Sue Anna Joe).

So every single weekend, Me and Fairuz have to take turn proposing an activity to keep me sane. Be it small, be it big. It can be long it also can be short. And whether it's within our budget, it can be something that we have to pay for it like watching a theatre but it would be great if it is free like hanging out with friends playing board games or watching movies at someone's living room. And Yes! I do have a thing with board games.

So if any of you out there is experiencing the same problem as mine. You are welcome to try out this type of solution. And I really recommend it to all and even those who just love doing something with their past time. So the activity started 2 weeks ago. The first week was my idea. We went to the National theatre where they were having a "Lanscapes photography award of the year". It was free so I thought why not. I love photography especially those involve pretty and breathtaking pictures. It was an exhibition taken with a theme of "British Heritage Landscapes".

The Gallery was pack with old people just finished watching I guess "old type of theatre/show"? I don't have any pictures taken properly though I did brought my camera with me. It's just I didn't see anyone with a camera inside the gallery so I assume its "camera's not permitted".Straight after that we went to London eye where under the bridge they sell second hand books. My sister and mom is very fond of books so they were happily scrutinizing everything. To bad it was so cold and everything is ready to wrap up.

And last weekend Fairuz idea was to go cycling. He on the other hand loves sport so I guess all the reason for him to invite me to join him doing errr...sports. There's a lake near where we're staying and hiking tracks where the locals uses it to walk their dogs and go hiking and cycling. It was refrshing but still is was cold. Now I really can't wait for spring. I had enough of coldness for this year.  

Wait till you see what we're having this coming weekend. I'll tell you all but I'm a bit hungry now. Do excuse me. So Au revoir. For now.


polaris said...

alahai canteknyerrr view~ i sgt suke..wish u always happy in urlife doing~ =D u're such a lucky women~ u hv a perfect life..full of peace n colours~ =D

kzedz said...

hehehe... good idea, sometimes me n bf pun lost n blur nk buat apa each wknd beside makan, jalan2 etc. yea, stress jugak smtimes.. and ur post seems soooooo good to me and might practising it soon. thanks kak pedo ;p

Lea Shmea said...

i hate routines too! my husband and i did what u guys did before we had nia. different activity every weekend or mid week.

this time around, time is of the essence. everything is focused on the baby. to catch a movie after work is quite impossible unless we leave nia with the grandparents. which i'm always hesitant to do so.

but in order not to explode due to our so called boring lifestyle, we make time to be together jst the two of us every chance we get. even a small thing like doing the laundry/washing the dishes/watch AI reruns while nia is asleep! LOL.

btw, your checkered boots are simply cute! <3

Hanafedora said...

polaris:aww thank you :)

kzedz: sila2 try. you're welcome.

Lea: But nia is so comel. If I were the mommy I would stare at her all day long. That is my activity and I won't get bored at all..
Chechered boots is actually a pua chu kang boots but in colour. LOL

polaris said...

alahai canteknyerrr view~ i sgt suke..wish u always happy in urlife doing~ =D u're such a lucky women~ u hv a perfect life..full of peace n colours~ =D