Last Weekend

I'm down with abit of flu. I hate when that happen coz it's hard for me to recover from it. It can go on for months sometimes. And I'll get all these redness on my face and especially noise and then with this kind of winter, my face become really really dry.

I'm really amazed with the UK weather. One minute it was sunny and then the next minute I come out from my school, it was snowing. Seriously. And it took just 10 minutes from one weather to another. It's a bizarre things if this was happening in Malaysia. But here. It's a norm. Hence the flu. bluerghh.

I've been whining everyday about the coldness and the sneezing that I've been having. In fact. I'm sneezing right now myself. Aachoo. Bless me. Sorry.

Last week, we went to Old Trafford to watch Man Utd vs Portsmouth game. It was a hell of a game as Man U score 5 to NIL. Fairuz was happy and I got a kiss everytime. Bless me. To be frank, I wasn't a football fan before I met Fairuz. I can enjoy a match for the first 10 minutes but the rest of the 90 minutes I just like to watch the replay of a scoring team. So while the game was running my attention was everywhere. HaHa..I felt like Victoria and it's my responsibility to follow Fairuz to Old Trafford. With the condition, I thought being in a stadium with cold weather was going to be harsh but it turn out bearable but hungry. I've been to stadium before and I've watch football match before in Emirates but man! seeing Owen stretching outside the field while his bum is facing towards the audience was something to remembered by. *faint. Ok enough and I think I should shut up now.

On our side of the sided goal sitting position was empty most of them time for the first half. It's as if Van der Sar was the only living thing there in the middle. You can see in the picture. I could feel that he was bored and everytime the ball was on his side he gave his all to save it. And most of the time he was warming up and doing a bit of stretching either to cure his boredom or to keep a warm body active. The second half was the best as we can clearly see how the team score the goals plus one portsmouth own goal. Boy, how suck can portsmouth be huh.

Oh well. Indeed It was a great day for us. Fairuz was overwhelmed and I got my kisses. hee


Aida Narina said...

wahwahh, bila time dapat the kisses niii? ;p hana! i have never been to old trafford, manchester to be exact. bila eyy mau pigi.. >_<

SoFiA.opY said...

ooohhh mahu dapat itu kisses jugakk!!

no no of course not from fairuz.HAHA.

chepsmore said...

yah.having so much fun watching the guys excited whenever goal

Farah Yusri said...

Ohh fun!!! Even more fun sebab Man U score 5 goals. Masa I pergi dengan mso to watch city main, masuk 2 goal je (ada mengharapkan sampai 7-0) but no no.

chepsmore said...

yah.having so much fun watching the guys excited whenever goal