Somebody to Love

While I'm writing this, I'm suppose to get up and take a shower and off to a meeting. But due to the heavy snow, The meeting was cancel and our lunch meeting is posponed until new year? The holiday actually starts tomorrow and until the 4th of January, hence the posponing to new year.

But now the sun is up. I'll be able to drag myself out of this house and maybe be in the city in the afternoon despite the cold weather now. I have another tea party slash farewell party to catch this evening for my department secretary, Glenys. She's 65 now and retiring. Good for her. Now she'll able to do whatever she wants.

It's -3 deg here in London. It's a good day to be in the duvet isn't it? ahhh, but it's not productive. Do you hear me Aida? Get out of the duvet now, it's holiday and fun should be around the corner of Westfield just outside ur place. Hey, let's go to Portabello tomorrow? Early in the morning after I finished my gym?

Winter would usually be the time I dread to get out of bed. It's worse now that I have Fairuz by my side to keep warm. But he's tougher than me. This morning, he got up early and sings in his shower.. "somebody too loveee~~~". Even in my sleep I'm still able to hear the choice of song. He's not a popstar but "Somebody to love by Queen" is still not strong enough to keep me out of bed.

Forecast said in a few more days the snow will get heavier and I've already started my holiday. If we are lucky, maybe I'll be able to shoot a few or more of winter photos from here and I'll show it to you. Do you want to see it?


Aida Narina said...

i wanna see winter photos from u hana!! my crappy old camera produce gambar aneh2 :p

btw, so comel la fairuz singing in the shower. now is the right time for me to get out of the duvet i think. hehhee :p

btw, i was planning to go back to Soton today Hana. too bad,tak dapat i jalan2 dgn u to portobello market. how about next saturday? it's one day before Christmas, mesti banyak benda best2. btw, enjoy ur weekend hana and don't work-out too hard u skinny thing >_<


Lea Shmea said...

yes yes! pls post some pics frm there! :)

u know what? my family will be off to london soon. which.. i have no idea why! LOL. i mean, it's the freaking winter! negative degrees and all. brrr! hehe.

happy holiday!

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

SoFiA.opY said...

yes yes, i wanna see snowwwwwwwwsssss!!
(kasi plural sket bunyiknye)


nadia said...

akak..miss uu sooo much..

zatil hidayah said...

yes for sure wants to see winter photos sis. :P