Now that it has been 1 month since my final master presentation, even a donkey would surely knows what have I been doing during my free time.....nothing. Within 1 week after the viva I have been doing nothing..waking up late as if a day is consist of one hundred hours, staying up the whole night browsing the net, sometimes spring cleaning the house before the real occupiers come back to London. 1 week seems a long week for me because there is nothing that I look forward to when I wake up everyday almost noon. Believe me when you are living in London doing nothing does not fit you into the community and vast culture.

When I first arrived in London a year ago, I was alone. I lost my passport the very same day the passport control officer said "Welcome" while mistaking me to an 18 years old undergrad student. Frankly it was tough being me at the very time but thank god mom n dad had a way of calming me down.

Now here I am after 1 year still in London counting whatever days I have left until I return back home not for good but just for a few months.I tell you being part of one of the world's leading financial, business and culture centers makes me moves forward tries to catch so many things at the same time. The bankers never sit down in the tube/train, the business partners walks as fast as I am sprinting a 100m, the top student in class never fails to stay up everyday in the British library, the rich and spoil shops like there is no tomorrow. While me I'm just here to make my parents proud, to make my future worth while. Although I cannot deny I wish I was born rich, spoil and famous but I'm glad I am the way I am so that I can envy and eager to follow the steps of successful Datuk Jimmy Choo the moment I met him at MSD raya open house here. It wasn't easy at first but I got the hang of it but still struggling a bit. Even so I still can't be tired because it's London. As Samuel Johnson once said
"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."

Can you be tired of London? So I'm moving forward slowly now and faster after a while try to fit into this community.


YeLLoW heRbiE :) said...

we havent met. i dont know u and u dont know me. but i've been following ur blog quite a while. tejumpe masa blog-hopping. i like ur writings. u should write and publish. but not blog stuff laaa. hihi. tally-ho.

LeLs said...

chayookkkkk pedo ku..

oohh London..
how much i miss that place..


Aki said...

Sorry, I gotta disagree with Samuel Johnson. London does not have evrything that life can afford. It's just a place for fast paced, ambitious people reaching for something that's there in London.

Sometimes you gotta stop and smell the flowers you know?

hanafedora said...

some people have different perspective..maybe I'm myself does not agree with Samuel Johnson but then again London does have everything that the world offer..I mean in terms of money, Entertainment, media, arts and most importantly Education. isnt it?

I always stop and smell the flowers n then I move on.

eleena hamdan said...

every where you go, there will always have thousands of opportunity. you just have to figure it out with your God gave mind.

pedo, i'm so envy of you because you made it! congrats dear! A very tough year i guess. ;). now it's Aishah turn.

Aishah Rahman said...

pedo am so glad u're here!! hehe u have to show me around the place while u're here!
just keep moving forward, there's no turning back and there will never be "if only.."'s in life... life is what you make it and be thankful of what we have in life and what Allah has given us and we should strive for more.. He works in mysterious ways..

yes ena-bell! it's my turn =p hehe