Oh dear

He's at that stage where he rather plays with his food than eat it.

It's hard to please this lil guy.

He's a picky eater. He knows good food and would only want to eat something if there's a taste in it. Like the adult food. I'm trying really hard being a good mother not putting anything like salt nor sugar in his food before he's at least 1 year old. To avoid problems such as tooth decay or obesity at such a young age. Although he's much more interested in my food instead of his.

Oh dear.

Nowadays, good healthy food are hard to find. All we see in the supermarket are either canned, processed or with added sugar. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed in choosing the best cereal for baby wilwil I feel like fainted. End up I didn't buy anything. I think this is the stage where it's important to teach your kids to eat healthily. The brain is developing and choosing the best food should be a priority. Not to mention for future health of the lil one.

Do you see the orange thingy behind him on the second picture?

Yep! That's a carrot. I tried giving him that for nibbling and since he's teething I thought that's a perfect thing. It's cold and fresh and it's healthy.

I thought I was brilliant enough.

But he's so smart. Every time I tried giving him that, he just shakes his head. At 8 months old he knows how to say no. He's such a clever boy.


dina said...

hey hana. dun worry bout it, it's normal for babies ur son's age to be picky. just keep on offering him healthy homemade food. it's gonna nerve wrecking yeah sure, but be sure to create a variety. if he refuses to eat veggies, u can just hide them in for instance spaghetti bolognaise made with carrot n tomato sauce, or chicken nuggets wit broccoli... make lots of finger food n if possible when preparing adult food, always prepare a baby version so he will think that he's eating d same thing as his parents =)

Laila said...

it has to be really difficult, I don't know, just for what I read :)
anyway he looks great in the pictures, so healthy :D