On poise and manner

Yesterday Fairuz sent a bulk message to all his friends inviting them for a last football game before we're fly off back to London. Then out of the ordinary one of the replied came in. It was

Fairuz: Let's play football for the last time..yada yada yada
Reply : Pergi mampus. (Go die!)

Fairuz laughed about it thinking it's merely just a joke though he was a bit shocked about it since his friends would never ever wrote nor joke something so rude or random like that.

Now if you were me what was your first impression? Clearly mine was not a positive one.

After a few year of living and studying in London there's a thing a learn about the british that I have high respect for them. It's their way of putting words. Or simply the way they politely talk or write even when telling off a person's mistakes. Try reading an article or books from a british english literature and you will notice how beautifully it is written. Take note that I'm talking about a proper british people who ancesters are from respective British clan.

Now back to the replied. I asked Fairuz if any of his friend would reply something like that? I thought only a person with maybe a slight psychological problem will only reply in a manner like that. You see. Normal people will answer it politely. I, like some of you out there judge a person not just physically but also from the way they talk and words they use. Sure, some of my friend love to swear but have a very good heart but let's face it,when it come to first impression it is always best to put to your best ability to be in your best behaviour. And plus, friends is friends and you know them better even when they love to swear. And that's already a different story.

So people, please don't swear or use any other vulgar words just because you can. It's not graceful at all. We normal people always appreciate people who talk and say anything nicely right? Be poise and be classy about it okay. Or simply if you can't really help it when you're really really angry, then swear. Go ahead. But try to keep it to yourself only. Don't swear in front of other people. And the other thing is to never try to make swearing a habit. Remember, you're the one who's going to represent yourself.

For us muslim. If we're angry and since islam is all about poise and patient, use god's given word. It's much nicer and it's even better since we get pahala for it ey?

And owh by the way, the replied Fairuz got, turn out to be a random people after all.


farah said...

Yes,, there are times yg kita jgn la terover lepas mulut...geli dgr kadang tu

Na said...

How rude! I completely agree with you about bad language, though, mA, good for you :)

sue. said...

ya sis...*muhasabah diri..T_T*

Lydiarahayu85 said...

yup..agree with you. me too like people talk properly.
It simply because people like to be treat like a human. =)

Sue Anna Joe said...

Hana, when are you heading back? We didn't get to talk much that day at Solaris. :(
Really would love to sit down and chit chat.

p/s: I think it seemed harsh because the 'pergi mampus' was without any other expressions, like if I were to say that, I'd prolly add in a :P or a hahaha. But I wouldn't really use 'pergi mampus' in the first place, macam ishh scary kot. Haha.

Fana said...

yes. i always caught captivated with the british manners. hooow i wish malaysians are like that too.

Pulutcoco said...

hi hana,
its me-yg tegur u depan swatch KLCC 2 days back....
u are prettier in real life..hehehe...
do keep in touch

Hanna Rabittah said...

sabar je la kan.. terkejut ok kalau dpt reply sms mcm tuh.
anyway, i agree that british-s are polite.thought not all of them..but yeah, ive been there once and stayed in bradford for quite a while and ironically, their attitude is way more islamic than the muslims the muslims (pakistanis) in bradford are very rude and they treated me like thrash.
ive been studying in UIA for more than 4 years now.. and seriously, most of the muslims (from all over the world) have attitude problems.

the point is, im not surprised that fairuz got a very rude reply from that his friend..

hanafedora said...

Yes you are so right..sometimes the non muslim have better manner than the muslim..it's sad.. They've failed to portray the real muslim attitude..

hanafedora said...

Hey I'm back in UK on the 31st..next time we lepak lepak okie? :) You haven't seen the real me...hehehehe