Man and Monday

Usually summer is the time UK will be flooded with tourist. Not just UK I think, even the whole Europe. Those are the time you'll see a lot of middle east people come and shop like mad people. You can't even see the pavement of Oxford street with all these people and worse it gets hotter everytime. It isn't comfortable. And these people are so rich buying unlimited material world things I don't think they can get any richer than that.

This is the time when a lot of our friends come and visit and stay for a day or two for the holiday. So a few days ago 2 of our friends from Malaysia came. Guys to be specific. Both of them work at Schlumberger and had ridiculously amount of holiday so they decided to pack their bags and plan for a backpacking adventure. For a MONTH. How cool. I wished I had month of holiday with Fairuz. And obviously they were excited about the idea of backpacking. Man and backpacking. I just can't understand. Anyway, they arrived separately with different airlines and they had only a day in London for sightseeing.

While they were staying and sleeping in my living room, I observe a thing or two about living in a house with a bunch of guys. Well including my husband of course. But obviously a husband only can't help to generalized man and that itself is not enough data for me to gather if I were to do a research on men behaviours. So even for only a few days these are few things I found

1. They forget to close the bathroom doors and switch off the light after leaving the bathroom. Fairuz used to do this the first few months of our marriage but after a while he become the cutest man by knowing how to switch off the light (probably by paying electric bills teaches him that).

2. They didn't a mirror to get ready before going out. I found this very very amazing. I mean I can't even live without a mirror anywhere. A mirror is like girl's best friend. Well, although one of them do wear moisterizer but he definitely didn't need a mirror to put on the lotion. I not very sure about Fairuz though. The only time that he uses a mirror is when he wanted to comb his hair. That's it. only once a day. Amazing isn't it.

3. They eat  A LOT. Man they do. OK atleast one of them eat a lot. I was happy that they finished up my food as it would only go to waste if it were just us. Although Fairuz eats a lot too but not being a youth anymore has force him to take care of his food intake and drool on healthy ones. I don't complain much. I like my man to be lean and eats healthily.

On Monday they had the whole day for sightseeing and Fairuz decided to take an off day on the spot. He called up his boss and said he needed to give a tour for his friends. His boss is so cool I thought. He didn't need an approval but he just needs to tell him. So went for a day tour with 2 of the guys and 1 of our polish friend Maja. I joined them later for dinner.

Don't you just monday. The first day of the week for working day.

Happy Monday you all!!! 


Mojam23 said...

Hahahaha. You are very observant. Nice one.

M'inona said...

haha funny u, hana...
1st point, :D im nagging and babbling if they dont! so they have to do it :P
for third point was agreed for most! they eat alot but they still can have their lovely six pax they could???? pffffttt

Mojam23 said...

Hahahaha. You are very observant. Nice one.