Confession of living abroad: A day in my shoe

I arrived late today at work. By the time I'm on the 8th floor of the Electrical Engineering building, it's already lunch time and my collegues asked to join them for the zuhur prayer. I swear I have excuses.

One thing I realized traveling in London for work, for me, is I can't afford to get distracted. The best is just to wake up, Don't get started on internet, get shower, forget the internet, slip on some clothes, seriously no internet, and off straight to work provided we don't get de-toured by the underground tube. But today, it's exactly what happen.

After hugging and kissing goodbye to Fairuz, I was determined I'm going straight to shower. But no. I went for browsing. Now this is the reason why we shouldn't be browsing. I end up an hour or two on the web and haven't shower. By then it's already 10.30am. Shame on me. I took my time getting ready and off to work about 11.30am. Gee, I shouldn't be typing this. Fairuz would read and get pissed.

So yeah. Happily off to work. Took the national rail to Wimbledon. Change for the underground district line with a book to pass my time. No distraction yet. When I arrived at gloucester road station I still got one stop away to South Kensington where Imperial is. Remember no distraction yet. It was then when I was so indulged in my book I didn't listen to the announcement made by the tube driver.

South Kensington. I arrived. The tube was slowing down. But suddenly, The tube starts to speed up again and didn't stop for my station. Great! I'm late and I got de-toured. Fine. I'll just take back the tube on the other side. But it turn out South Ken station is closed at the moment. Because apparently there was a-bloody-fire-alert. Fire?! Great. And ironically it was raining heavily outside. Just great. I'm late for work. If I went to work earlier this wouldn't happen.

So I arrived at Sloan Sq station and decided to take a bus, but it turn out there wasn't any bus that go to Imperial directly and I'm not going to really find a bus stop because it's raining. So I walk instead. Because London is huge you can't get familiar with every corner of the road, but thanks to the technology of map on iphone I got to find my way easily. This is where the biggest distraction comes in. For us Londoner, walking about in central London street especially in Kensington area (Where the posh area and the posh people got to live.No fair), you can't help but stumble onto a street full of designers shops. Oh god. As a girl, you know where this is going.

Spot what I just see?


How bout now?

There were a lot of other shops but I was able to behaved and constraint myself from going into any of them. So to distract I settled for food instead. Hey it was raining and I was a bit hungry. So I went into Pret a Manger ('Ready to eat' in French), got greeted by a pretty cashier i'm-happy-with-my-work-girl and settled for my favourite mozarella and tomato croissant. I was excitedly munching into it until I step into a poodle and got my pants wet. I look left and right and pretended nothing happen. Great! My shoe are ruin and now everyone will think that I wet my pants.

Nevermind. Lets just enjoy my rare time of 30 minutes walking shall we to distract me from going into any of the shops and buy new shoe. So throughout my journey I walk passed 3 museums.

Natural history Museum.

Another Museum. This one is the science museum.

Victoria and Albert museum. 

And apparently those holes in the wall  is the result of the enemy bombing during the second world war.

And because my office is just besides those museum, I finally arrived. Late and drenched!
I learn a lesson today through my journey to the office.