Big Old London

When I was young I'd always felt that time is ticking somewhat slow. And because I am a very independant women, I've always wanted to grow up faster so that I can have everything of my own. But now that I've grown, time seems to want to grow even faster. Felt just like a moment ago it was January 2010, and now it's already middle of March. I'll be 26 by next month. Yes 26.

I'm not looking forward to it. Because here in the UK, everything is discounted when you're 25 and below. the rail fare, the museum entry. Heck! when you're 16-25, you hold the young person rail card. It's like when you're 26 and above, you have to start earning your own money and pay the normal fare. In other words, "you're not young anymore". When traveling in Europe, hotel will cause more. Now that the pound currency has drop, things are worst. Giving me an excuse to looking forward to be the old citizens, where the bus pass is almost free.

Being a student and below 25 is really an advantage when you're living in the UK. You see, because students is such a big community here in London, they offers discount in many sorts of dining, entertainments, culture events and even shopping! Ranging from theatres, movies, Apple and Topshops! And in the Univ, they offers even bigger discount for the students and staffs itself in everything. Sometimes if you're lucky, they have a small shopping centre of its own in the univ. Now I know why the reasons people want to work and be in the univs. It's like being in a comfort zone.

But I have to say, living in London there's a catch. All the advantages and residence discounts doesn't comes free. Living here right smack in the centre of attention itself is already money drain. Like house rent plus transportation will cost you almost a thousand pounds per month.

Although I'm not the one who suppose to complain here as I still hold the student pass even though I'm getting older, I'm sure Fairuz is cursing the moment He turn 26 in May. But honestly, London really is a great place to stay for a student who likes to gain culture exposure and getting discounted items. Of course, provided you have the money.


bitsANDpieces said...

1kpound per month? aku mati, pedo.

fadhli said...

plus, if you're 18-25 AND a european resident, u can into de louvre for free! resident ye, bukan citizen.

so u can still go before next month for free. ;) but then travel to paris yg buat mahal skit. hehe.

arin ahamad said...

kak hana nie cute sgt..adore ur lifestyle..muda2 dah gain hidup yg so-called perfect!!

always can/t wait to read ur next entry

SoFiA.opY said...

Happy Birthday in advance Puan PedO~
rakyat jelata di Johor juga tak cuti dah on ur bday.sobsobs =p

whatever it is, jealous jugak sebab ko kat london.HAHAH


Hanafedora said...

heed: haha jangan mati..ish

fadhli: I know right!! I've read somewhere through your status!! Cis we were twice in Paris but then didn't go in the Lourve cause we didn't want to pay the 12 euros. lol

Arin: thanks :) but know this, nothing is perfect and everyone have their own problems.

Opy: Ish jangan guna nickname please. :P I thot you guys have always called me Hana in primary school.

Lea Shmea said...

lovely pics! knape kak hana mcm dah slim melim je i tgk. diet ehhh. hehe. hey, i'm gona send u an email. nanti check ya. :))

taufiq shariff said...

welcome to adulthood kid...

yang benar,

abang besar.

Hanafedora said...

Dear abg besar???? (HaHAHHahHAHAhHAh)

dem dem dem you dot com!!

yg benar,
Saya masih mampu beli barang discount

Faze Badri said...

Hana My Dear,

Everything everywhere now is not cheap. No matter how much you earn there will be some other commitments u'll have. Unless u r filthy damn rich cam Scrooge McDuck..leh tido atas duit...wakakakakaka.

Hanafedora said...

HahAH I remembered Mr scrooge has always been your favourite! I like the 3 little rascals better. :P