Count Down to Little Angels

3 more weeks to go.

Although this time of the year are the perfect time for me to start counting days to Christmas holiday where you'll find mint on mince pies, sweet little angels, a lot of stuffing and presents arrive at your door steps, realizing how times goes by without a chance to stop by at the local coffee shop just for a cuppa scares the hell out of me. I'm getting older and oh how I dread every second of it.

Last weekend made me realized even more. Most of my friends is almost finish with their courses. Some of them dread to go back home and some of them can't wait to be home. Mostly knows they have to go home for good now as the British government just stricken the requirements for post work visa and as much as I'm sad to say. They've make it even more difficult for the foreign to come into this country even for a student. They blamed the economy and they claimed they're taking care of their citizens right to deserve jobs and univ placements more rather than foreigner like us. As much as I don't like the idea, I have to admit, they do have a point.

Fairuz and I planned to stroll along the London streets last weekend but I ended up playing board game and Uno after Arin's aidil adha open house. London was raining like it had never rain before. So there goes our plan. But the chance of not able to stroll turn out to be a chance for us to play and laugh together just for the fun of the game. We played Da Vinci Code. It wasn't a game I would recommend but it does helped to fill in the gap. I thought pictionary would fit perfectly.

These are the people who are in my comfort zone. Not a lot but just enough to keep me company in the midst of working hard in foreign country. They are the one who saw me as I am. I can talk shit, I can laugh hard, I can be goofy. They make me smile. They make me talk alot. They make me feel at home.

It sure does feels good to have fun once in a while between work. The hardship of life makes sweet takes more sweeter.


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

owh da vinci board game!
mesti mind intriguing kan

Hanafedora said...

Well, not really. More of an elaborate puzzle.. HAHA

Anonymous said...

my all time fav has to be either scrabble or uno cards. game ganas. he he

Anonymous said...

atiqah in d pic is my classmate dulu masa f1-f3 :)

newlifenewbeginning said...

atiqah in d pic is my classmate dulu masa f1-f3 :)