Not So Funny

Last weekend we spent half of saturday at Westfield. For those who don't know. Westfield is the largest shopping mall in London with all the designer boutiques and all. We wanted to find a jacket for Fairuz but he can't find something to his liking and ended up bought nothing.

We were suppose to break our fast at Holiday Villa with a few friends so I decided to wore clark stiletto.hmmpf! It turn out, wasn't a very good idea when loads of walking are involved. What was I thinking? I'm not in Malaysia where I have the luxury to travel in a car with a fully blast air-con and being bloody lazy to even step into the next building just on the opposite side. Which I tell you with just 3 monkey steps, I can arrive in the next building intact without damaging my skin with Malaysia UV light.

So, here I was in Westfield with Fairuz pretty excited to find a jacket and my only desire is bare feet.So yeah. you can guess my next move was. I entered every shoe shops that I can find and when I found the perfect palm flat, which I've been searching for for the past few month, all I did was paid it without second thought. Its brass with silver color blend together with 2 tied up bun like in the front toe. All I can think about,apart from it's actually from Aldo,it was the most comfortable thing I've ever wear.

By 7.00pm we've arrived at Holiday villa bayswater and waited for the rest to come. Turn out there was 18 of us breaking fast together and I knew only 4 of them. It was refreshing to meet someone new and all we did was talk about adult life and work.

So I've learn my lesson. No wearing unreasonable shoe when I don't have a car. Maybe I'll try wedges sometimes.


reena said...

Alaaa suka la pic tu. Comel la both of u. Heh.

sarah al -idrus said...

tula comel..wedges pon sakit..hee..

Anonymous said...

kat mane eh westfield tu? my parents is going to UK raya ke 4 nanti for 10 freaking days huhu and one of their itinerary planned by my kazen is to bring them there..sgt jeles laaaaaa..!

Hanafedora said...

itu la time boring jalan2 kt lepak sebentar..

I guess I'm more of a flat girl.. its so comfy n here we always run here n there to catch the bus or train..we have too..

westfield kt shephert bush. In London.. Its huge like midvalley..