Sunday Night Blue

It never occur to me to realize when I'm feeling down and a bit blue, I've always expressed it through writing. Either in a form of a diary, an email which aren't intended to be sent to anyone, a wall, a piece of a tissue, or just a short word in any paper that were ready to grab. I didn't realize about it until I've opened my old note book that I found left unopened for quite sometimes. This habit of mine have been lasted since I know how to spell.

To be frank, although I'm the kind of person that express my feeling of gayness very well but on the opposite side, I beg the differ. When I'm not in the mood, I never actually talk about my problem to anyone. So I find writing is very therapeutic. I would write and keep the note to myself. Just a simple short note and I'd able to sleep the problem off. Call me an ego but thats just the way I've always been.

The good thing about it is when I woke up I never actually remembered what my problems were. Although it wasn't entirely, but it was enough to just make me move on.

Oh goodness me, I do feel a bit blue but I shall sleep now. Who knows, maybe when I wake up, sunshine will be waiting for me. And I'll be able to carry on.


reena said...

I plak skang bila feeling2 blues gitu, i main Facebook. Haha. Buat all those stupid kuiz and what not. Rasa macam therapy bagi i. Lagi satu therapy yang berkesan bagi i ialah baca quotes. Aahh..Yang ni fav i. I siap buka website quotes lagi time keja. So bila rasa geram ke, marah ke, down ke, terus baca quotes especially, yang inspirational, funny, motivating etc :)

And yes, wrting jugak. :)

sarah al -idrus said...

aha.ur therapy dengan writing ek,even u tak tanye pun hehe saya masih mahu ckp jugak, my therapy adalah kucing...bgtau org sometimes bkn selesai pun kesedihan kegundahan tu, makin kompleks adala..kan

Hanafedora said...

I try main facebook punya game tu.I suka main game2 yang macam stategy tu..macam sims ke or dinner dash ke..
And then paling best ialah tido lah..haha

Haah kucing pun memang I sukaaaaaa sangat..Tk tahan kalau yang baby punya baru jalan2 tu lagi la I gerammm...kaki pendek..I ada kucing kt sini tapi baruuuu je bagi orang sebab tk mampu nk jaga sebab I banyak travel.. :(