After its been a month holiday in the beloved own country I've decided to fly back to Great Britain this Thursday at 2355 hours. Though I haven't got the air ticket I hope the management has already booked it. This time I am not anymore studying like I used to in my master and degree but enthusiastically working for the Imperial College London as a researcher/lab tutor in a collaboration project plus also being their dedicate PhD student.Hopefully.

Life would be different after this. Happily married I had to share everything. Researching from 8a.m to 5p.m weekdays without the routine between class gap. The weekdays should be appreciated more I guess. No more long summer, winter and spring holidays. Bah.

I should be more committed. More responsible. I should have more savings in the bank acc. More scribbling notes in the diary for future plans. I know most of all I'll be more happier.

We'll see.


Lisa said...

Aw... So sweet... So how does it feel to be a married woman, hmm? I'm so sad tak dapat attend your marriage =<

So I guess England will be graced by your presence soon enough huh?

*Hugs* Congratulations again!

LeLs said...

happily ever after k??

cyg kamu..!!

ainisya said...

I believe that u are so great to plan out your future~~
lets doing good

Fazlina said...

amin to all of it..

s h e d a said...

the last picca, i wish i have 1 of those... nice 2 know u guyz!

Fazlina said...

amin to all of it..