This video below is my cousin from my mother side. He just learn to sing "air pasang pagi". So there he is singing the song while waiting for my lil sis to board her plane to London. But do you why I like this video so much?? It is because this little mouse has his own trademark which if u notice at the very end of the video he'll say "sebokkk je" to anybody he thinks that are not minding his own bisness. So I present to you my lil mouse...cousin...yiyin version of "air pasang pagi"

air pasang ayam suwut pukul lime
nona bangun *blank face with puppy eyes** (mama sing "pagi") siram pokok bunga
*horray now I remember the lyrics quite well I can head sway**
pokok bunga melor tanam peki...*catching the breath after head sway dancing*** panas
itik bertelor sayap menetas
*blank again..what kind of song am I singing anyway??? **....babe jatuh dlm parit
itik bertelor (mama squeled "ehhhhhh")...*making a sorry face to the video for forgetting the lyrics
....tawa jerit-jerit..*can the cute face works for you mama??? I really don't want to sing the song..(the sound of airport announcement ring)...naikk..... "KAPAL TERBANG" ***got distracted but mama won't bother..she still want me to sing this stupid kids song.....(mama said "lagi lagi") *i'm trying to get away but mama traped me between her legs...
***I can't remember the rest of the lyrics now mama let me go

naik kerete.......surrruuu....UMPURRR *trying my best to show my enthusiasm to mama
.......adik comel.....comel
cepah...dapurrr...*eyes wondering
*thats it..I've had enuf..I'm turning around now mama***

Man..that was soo funny..I wonder to who the lil mouse referring "sebokkk je" to

note: "air pasang pagi" is our malaysian nursery rhyme which in english means "morning tides" . "sebokkk je" is usually a slang in malaysia that ppl use it to ask ppl to mind their own bisness.


k_hizan said...
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LeLs said...

comey je..

air pasang suwut..

sebokk jee..~


soulofwreckunit said...

anda telah kami tag.. trimas...(kami masih tak lupakan kawan..)

soulofwreckunit said...

anda telah kami tag.. trimas...(kami masih tak lupakan kawan..)