It's been 4 days now since i've finished my last presentation for my master degree final project. Most of my friends and families has been supportive on my project and others just eager to know when i'll be finishing. Quite a few of them has been asking how the viva (presentation) went and my answer to them was either

"do not ask about it" or
"it was sucksssssss"

But i'm glad it's already finished, hence the completion of my master degree.So i definitely have no complain here. I was thinking of trying to find a temporary job but right now here I am in a small room of the hall of residence in the middle of the campus of university of greenwich where my little sister studied doing absolutely....nothing (watching the whole series of one tree hill until B.davis appeared in my dream..ohh how i wish). She just arrived few days ago to be named as one of the many international student here in the UK, proudly malaysian.. She's taking the course of Bachelor of architecture which is her career and passion to be one day. Many prays...

On her first day of orientation the department already assigned her a project on her course. Architecture is such a heavy course owh so they said. But with her will and passion she'll be alright. Just that there's no more mommy and daddykins to be around to hand a helping hand. Well actually they are the one that help on most of the job. Atleast that's what mother said.

Here in london to be frank, we don't get the luxurious of campus life just like in malaysia. I have to admit the campus life back home was way much more fun and comfortable especially uniten. There's a different between the culture in ipts and ipta. I was lucky to be in uniten for 5 years where the lifestyle are way much more cooler than iptas..sorry no offence but thats just how it works in the country.

Back home I was in my comfort zone..Uniten has a beautiful landscape, went to class with a car even when the department was 5 mins away, didn't really need to walk between classrooms and library, the cafe is just outside the block, the mosque was there just besides the lake in uniten, my good friends are in all of my classes, the admins knew me well etc. Studying was much easier that time as everything evolve around me are familiar and I tell you that was the best time of my life but of course best things has to end someday.
Here in London, tourist won't notice that they are walking besides my college, the cafe does not always serve halal meat, the praying hall is way much smaller, i'm the only girl in my class, i have to take 30mins ride+walking with the famous red double decker to get to class every single day and worse studying seems much more harder and harsher without the malaysian environment.
Yet I was lucky to experienced the best of both world of studying oversea and local for some out there that are more deserve and willing to give anything to have the opportunity like i do. Nothing in malaysia beat the culture and mentality here. The experience is priceless.. Never fails to generate many wise and successful malaysian.

Anyhow, with this kind of campus environment in the university here in London I'm sure my little sis has no problem concentrating on her course periodly. So here's my wish to her who is soundly asleep on her single bed.


you'll be fine and you'll do great..I know you can do it...mommy and daddykins have faith in you..


sofia zarith said...

no matter how sucks it was,
Congrats Hana~!

LeLs said...

congratulation my dear fren...

really proud of you..

cyg kamu..!!

ainisya said...

pedo..ya lor..rindu time study kt uniten kan..walaupon xske time time study la best..x kesah assignment byk mane..esok nk exam ke..prog still jalan..bole g pnjt dinding..panjat flybies(ea ke?) futsal..melalak pg2 precious the moment it is..aaaaa..nk study smula..

but my dear..i really admirer and proud with much..u can be until this level..its not easy ok..

pls take care..n congrats!!!always love u..miss u oso..damn much!!