UCL's malaysian night...

few hours after the mas presentation and mingling session bersama2 committe,without any time to get change, we headed to bloomsbury theatre where the UCL's malaysian night or commercially known as mnight took place..the show (theatre) was alright.. i like the part where there was this mean candy peeps dancing and beating the main cast..haha tkde idea dh kot..but it was cute tho... the show starts from 1930 until 2130.. then again mingling session n photoshooting of course..wajib okehh!! lepak kt jeremy bentham room until sume orang dh nk balik la..my god..haha it was fun...minggu ni nk makan alia's cookieyy..yeayy
tarian majapahit

me,alia,faezah,alia and aliaa

cousin ku tuutt..sebuk nk masuk dlm gamba

me,yameen and alia..

hei hana we have the same name..tiru ehh

me,najib n my cousin

indian dance are actually cool

the almost last scene..
-photo courtesy of mudha-

the cast and crew of there's something about jerry
-photo courtesy of mudha-

hana' tido laaaaa..esok test...ngantukkkkk
~~keyboard off

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