An evening with CFO mas airline

Last weekend we had an evening with Tengku Dato' Zamil Zahruddin, CFO of malaysia was a whole day event for us because we started with ukec (united kingdom & ireland council) new committe members meeting..and one of them is me..hehe..jadi ahli politik la its gonnna be hectic and busy the whole year..yeay i'm back in track of busyness..suka2..tapi kt sini mama n babah tkde tuk bising kalau tk balik umah..hehe sorry mama..then at 1330 baru la mas presentation tu start.. all in all...the food was good..haha i loveeee the karipap and ayammmmmmm.. (madness for ayam)..sebenarnye nk type banyak lagi but then i have test tomorrow..wish me luck..hish mengantuk la layan dsp/bios nih..
the reps of mas airlines

mas airlines miniature

me nk makannnn freeee

ukec @ malaysian hall

study laaa hana' ......pen off

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