In sickness and in health

Taking care a growing child is SUPER.TOUGH.

I have to admit.

I really thought it couldn't get tougher than it is but it did. Especially when they got sick.

Oh dear. The worry. The laundry. The throw-ups. The I-don't-wan't-to-eat-anything-I-want-mommy's-breast-only. The upsets. The clingy-ness. And everything in between oh the horror.

Mostly it's really sad seeing your lil one so helpless not able to breathe properly because of the accumulated flu and mucus. As a mom we really wished we can suck them all out from that tiny nose and make it all go better.

Baby Wil have been sick for almost 2 weeks now. The first week he caught a virus from the nursery. Then he was okay for a few days all chirpy and giddy ready to play. But then caught an even worst virus after we got back from visiting my cousin in sheffield. Her kids were sick at that time. I honestly got it now why some mothers can be super protective that they refused to let their kids get in close contact with even a slight sick person. I foresee myself being that kind of a person in the future. No way I'm gonna let my baby get near a sick person.

*sigh. I'm no fun anymore.

The GP told me that it's okay for a baby to be sick with common cold. It's part of growing up and building their immune system. But I guess no mom wants to see their kids sick right? So we shall try our best to take care.

Motherhood teaches you a lot of things.

Because right now it teaches me to be patient.


intan said...

baby wilwil soooooo cuteeee!

Weda said...

Hi... You're so right. My son has had a series of down time since January and now his latest episode involves measles. It's pretty much energy consuming...but then again, like you said, it teaches me some patience. Blessings in disguise :)

yunayuni said...

Gotta agree with you, motherhood really teaches me to be more patient too. And having a sick kid sucks big time.

Hope WilWil gets better soon! (and you do know that we can literally suck the mucus out from babies nose right? Heheh. It works, just don't go overboard with it la, if you know what I mean. haha).

hanafedora said...

I wish I can suck them.. Wilwil would be super crossed whenever I try to go near his nose.

Aina said...

if I were Wilwil, I would cry like cats and dogs reading all your posts as I growing up! :")
U would be the best mom! Dont worry :)

syuhada rahisam said...

I think it's ok for baby Wil Wil to get sick now because his body will develop the immune system that can become memory cell inside the body. Next time, when the same virus attack baby Wil Wil, he will be ok and just be fine!! :DD

hana said...

hi hana, i followed your blog since you started it..and browsing all the posts after sometimes, truly remind me of myself during those years (we are in the same age). what i truly want to say is, u are a good writer. maybe for some it's just too good to be true, or your life is perfect or as such, but honestly i think you write from within. it's an honest representation of your life, putting it in your own way. i know there are lots of other new mediums where you are sharing the moments with your followers (instagram,twitter,keek,etc etc) , but imho, it takes out the best of you- writing! (other than the photos of course, they are brilliant!) maybe because i'm a reader, a conventional person, or just an old school gal..anyway, my point is, please keep writing. there are people, whom like me, who are very traditional and still think good reading (journals or otherwise) is like eating a good food. It feeds healthy nutrition to your body, in this case,to my brain:)