Movie night

I've just finished watch the movie She's out of my league. 

I thought the movie was a bit cliche but still entertaining and funny. And it's not one of those movies with hot chic and nerd boys with stupid sexual horny jokes where some people like me find it's not just not funny but to a point it's rather annoying. It's actually a proper romantic comedy (or chick flick they call it) where girls loves to watch and admire the heroin in it. The heroin, Alice Sophia Eve has recently appeared in SATCII and hold a character of an Irish nanny under Charlotte. But in real life Alice isn't an Irish but apparently came from and grew up in London itself.

In this movie however Alice plays a gorgeous character name Molly who's every guy wants to be with but chooses to date a low profile, un-work out, an airport security nerd name Kirk instead of dating a handsome jerk. She's not any common pretty chic who bitch a lot and make everyone go her way but rather a sweet decent girl who's heart broken by some jock. So she decided to play safe and Kirk wasn't very confident that he deserve her. So the movie revolve around Kirk and Molly and Kirk's wacko family and annoying-self centred-bitch ex girlfriend. 

Apparently Molly parents in this movie is also her real parents in real life. How cool is that. A family work and act together in a movie. I thought it was so sweet.

So yeah. It's movie must watch for chic flick lovers who haven't seen it because it's lovingly funny and it's sweet at the same time. Have a pop corn and your girls beside. You can even watch it online somewhere. 


Farah Y said...

Just saw it! Doesn't she reminds you of Reese Witherspoon?

hanafedora said...

Is she? Hehe I didn't notice that. I think Reese is more girly girl and she is.