The Fun Has Begun

I haven't write for ages.


I just got back from Malaysia like a week and I wasn't feeling well for the past days. I don't know, maybe something that I ate or maybe it was the pressure in the flight MH004 journey to London. I have a lot to blog about while I was in Malaysia. There was so much happening those past 2 weeks. Maybe other time. I had diarrhea. And I still got the jet lagged. Well. Maybe a little bit of jet lagged now. Fairuz love to have jet lagged because he says it helps with waking up early in the morning.

New term has just started for Imperial College and also for me. The college is busy, new students keep on buzzing the department secretary to get their welcome pack, it annoys the hell out of her as she can't have a lunch. New term used to be a happy moment for me to start on a clean slate. I know most of you vowed you will give your best for the year to get good grades. But now that I'm a researcher, no more new term, just working days 9-5 everyday. Nevertheless, I am still grateful I have flexible time. Though I have to harder than Fairuz for 3 more years.

I'm taking few lessons this year. What kind? I'll tell you one day. And I've just registered myself for the gym for a year contract. Its going to be great as I have my own personal trainer. This was 80% Fairuz idea and this is one of those wife roles I have to put up with. Atleast a year for an excuse to not having a baby for I want to loose some pounds from raya and have a toned up body. Wuhuu.

Raya is still here and there are still a few open houses that we will attend this weekend. I have yet to puasa 6. I hope I'll get it done this year since there will be open houses by Shell and all.

Before I forget. The most happy thing happen. Ria is here. She's back in the UK for another 3 years. For those who didn't know. Ria is my bestfriend. And she's married and her husband is here too. I'm so happy for her. And she wore hijab now. Alhamdullillah tehee~

I do miss the good old times. I do miss sleeping late at night and slept the day off. I miss having company while traveling like I used to before they all went back for good. I miss all the weekends of never at home and out the whole day even if it was cold outside. I miss jumping up and down like we were sixteen and our commitment was just the homeworks. I miss laughing our ass out for the things that was never funny. I miss having an opinion about anything and the only person never agreed with us is Shimi. I could go on forever.

So this blog of mine will again be fill with our craziness and more fun and traveling together. Maybe more =). Atiqah is also back in the UK working. I'm looking forward to it. I hope the readers do too.

I think thats it for the new start of the new term. Apart from the bad weather, I'm sure this year is going to be fun. So enjoy your year love.


Aida Narina said...

Hana :) Hye-hye u!

I really wanna join the gym too. Soton uni has increased the fee from 90pounds to 110pounds. Itu pun tak ada personal trainer. I need one super-fit trainer so that i'll be motivated to work my ass off ;p. Tengokla next few weeks i buat. Skrg masih banyak kelas.

Btw, sorry kita tak dapat meet up masa i kat London last weekend. But surely next time i dtg, kita kena jumpa, here goes my number 07735602742, text me urs kay.

Take care :)

Dayang Afiza said...

like to read ur blog kak hana..i wish i will be there to live life like u did..happy with ur beloved one may ALLAH bless u

zatil hidayah said...

akak.. kat sane tulih gune chalk lagi ker? huhuhuh...

wahh realy nice to hear all of your friend stories... my aunt stay at Eastbourne. she's married to an englishman. want it badly, to go again... its was really nice place.. :))

maybe further MA there.. ahaks........

Hanafedora said...

Well. Some old classes they do still use chalk. I think it's classic. Just like in the movie when they're doing film in ivy league colleges like harvard or in the uk cambridge. But some has already been refurbished and modernized, therefore the white board n marker. Sad. Because I love classic. Come lah here again. And maybe you can show ur niece/nephew. =)

thanks dayang. The more the reason for me to write =)

I dh save no you. Turun london ckp taw! You still hv class. Master now is it?

s h e d a said...

i'm glad to know that u're ok. sakit pulak dah hehe. eh Ria pon ade sane? wahhh i'm sure you'll b happier and funnier when the two of you together. sila la tulis all the fun activities tu ok ;)

Ria said...

babe i miss all the fun we had too!
Let's create more!!!!!
you always make my day babbbbbbbbeeeeeeeee ;)

redfingger said...

hi there...just do the blogwalking..nice blog
u have...nice 2 visit ur blog...i already
follow u..if u dun mind, follow me back ya...:-)

Eyriqazz said...

Wah bestnyaa jln2....

zarina marsaleh said...

hey, these pictures resurfaced! cool ^_^.

Eyriqazz said...

Wah bestnyaa jln2....

s h e d a said...

i'm glad to know that u're ok. sakit pulak dah hehe. eh Ria pon ade sane? wahhh i'm sure you'll b happier and funnier when the two of you together. sila la tulis all the fun activities tu ok ;)