new place,new environment totally new world!!!

this is the apartment block

ini adalah dataran dlm apartment block

hello...mmm ape nk cakap ehh.. i just arrived in london 5 days ago..was a very2 boringggggg flight..for 13 hours i've been sitting on the plane and have watched all kind of muvies...wawawa tobat tknk duduk dlm flight lama cam tu lagi..but what to do..sooner or later i have the next day i registered for my is in the central of london in zone 1(the most expensive zone).only for the en suite apartment i have to pay 457pounds permonth..waarrgghhhh..y must i go to the most expensive place in the world???? owh well..nevermind about my housemates?? they're nice..all gurls from all over the world..portugal,greece,cyprus,trinidad n tobago,usa n me from malaysia..there's suppose to be eight of us but maybe they havent arrive yet..just wait...maybe..

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