Where to go with kids below 5

As much as kids love being with their parents everywhere, they also love playing and running. Fairuz and I love traveling and exploring. Before we had 2 extra humans being living with us, we would travel whatever style we like. The budget was even less!

Some parents may be blessed with kids that are not as demanding as ours. Wildan isn't really keen with city sightseeing. He loves the museum, running around in the field, playing at the playground. I mean he's 5 and a boy. Alana doesn't really care most of the time. Just make sure she is not hungry nor tired then she'll be fine. Be it a city or a beach. But of course, give her beaches she'll rave about it forever.

When I was small, my parents took me everywhere. We travel the world. My dad particularly, being the wise man he is, he only brought us traveling when it is only involved beaches, Sunway lagoon, Disneyland and the likes. If it is a city or adult type of sightseeing, they'll leave us with the grandparents and have their own sweet time. Until today I remembered the details of all our travels and I remembered how happy I was. To that, I was very thankful for the memories.

Here are a few tips on places to travel with kids below 5.

1. City sightseeings are not for kids. To an extent of course. A city with parks and playgrounds and museums are for kids. Occasionally bring your kids to playgrounds. They will love you for that even if it means sacrificing a sight or 2 for us.

2. Beaches. IT. NEVER. FAILS.

3. The Huge field/garden outside of a mansion or a castle or a chateau. Running is somehow their passion. I supposed they needed a medium to let out the energy inside of them. What not to like! Gorgeous view and a plus point that you get to see your kid even at a distance. You'll thank me later.

4. The zoo. Well, it depends on your kid. My boy isn't really an animal kinda boy, he likes museum better. Alana loves the zoo.

5. Recreational or family center. Disneyland, Legoland, Center Parc, Waterpark. They will rave about it forever. I swear.

If you parents out there have more places that are kids suitable and friendly, please let me know. We love exploring as a family.

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